Major upgrade of production capacities

Focus on improving the cash cost profile, recovery rates, as well as environmental performance

Using new technology to upgrade Talnakh concentrator

Ramp-up of Talnakh concentration capacity, mtpa
  • Higher metal recovery rates driven by the new technology and of ore processing from Norilsk to Talnakh Concentrator (Ni ~2%, Сu ~2%, PGM ~4%)
  • Higher Ni content in nickel-pyrrhotite concentrates
  • Lower content of sulphur per tonne of concentrate

The reconstruction of Talnakh Concentrator will transform the quality of the produced concentrate.

Stage 1 of the Talnakh Concentrator reconstruction saw the installation of the floatation equipment by Outotec (ОK-100 floatation units), and pumping equipment by Warman with an integrated automated control system.

Stage 2 will see the installation of a unique semi-autogenous grinding mills by Metso Minerals.

This is a breakthrough solution never before used at Norilsk and Talnakh Concentrators.

The construction of a new tailings pit using cutting-edge waterproof geomembranes is nearing completion.

Building a single nickel smelting hub at Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant

Smelting capacity, mtpa

In August 2016, the Company shut down Nickel Plant, which had been in operation since 1942. The shutdown involved providing strong social guarantees to the plant workers.

To maintain and ramp-up the output, we expanded and upgraded the smelting capacities of Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant, which became a single smelting hub for all nickel feedstock from Polar Division.

Creation of a large modern refining hub at Severonickel Plant

Refurbishment of Nickel Electrolysis Shop-1 (NES-1)
  • Additional 45 kt of refining capacity;
  • Construction ended in 2015;
  • CAPEX of ca. USD 16 mln.
Construction of Nickel Electrolysis Shop-2 (NES-2): technology upgrade and capacity ramp-up
  • Additional 25 kt of capacity;
  • Switching to a chlorine leaching technology;
  • Construction to end by 2018 with full ramp up by 2019;
  • CAPEX of ca. USD 300 mln.


  • Equipment is being supplied;
  • Construction and installation is under way.
Nickel refining capacity at Kola MMC, ktpa